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James Saunders, MD Inc.
Nasim Abedi, MD Inc.
Leslie D. Kerluke, MD Inc.

Phone: (604) 983-9985

Your Consultation

Your consultation is designed to educate you about the procedure you are considering and advise you of all the options that are available to you.

If you have questions to ask Dr. Kerluke we suggest you write them down beforehand and bring them with you to your consultation. Both Dr. Kerluke and Dr. Kerluke’s nurse will be present at your consultation.

A physical exam will be conducted by Dr. Kerluke and an assessment of the areas of concern will be made. You will also have the opportunity to view many patient photos of people who have previously had the surgery you are considering.

All the possible risks and complications of your surgery will be discussed with you during your consultation. If Dr. Kerluke decides you are a candidate for treatment / surgery, you will be given a quote that clearly lists the fees associated with your procedure.


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