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Tummy Tuck, Abdominoplasty – Vancouver, Dr Leslie Kerluke

Excess skin and fat folds on your abdomen caused by obesity or pregnancy could be improved with an abdominoplasty or a tummy tuck surgery. The procedure can sometimes also improve stretch marks as excess tissue will be removed. A tummy tuck will enhance your shape by making your stomach firmer and flatter and enable you to fit into your clothes easier.

An assessment of excess fat and loose skin and the condition of the stomach muscles will be performed. An incision is made above the pubic area and extends in a curving horizontal line toward the pelvic bones. The skin of the upper abdomen is pulled down over the umbilicus and a new hole is made for the bellybutton. Effort is always taken to keep the lower abdominal incision below the line of a bathing suit or undergarment. A support garment is worn for several weeks and the recovery period is about three weeks.

A Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty) is a cosmetic procedure in which excessive skin and fat are removed from the middle or lower part of the abdomen. Distended skin is removed, the six-pack muscle reinforced, and the lower abdomen rejuvenated. The appearance and profile of the lower abdomen is improved by removing skin folds, scarring and stretch marks. The operation deals effectively with the loose skin above and below the belly button (umbilicus).




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