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Thigh Lift – Vancouver, Dr Leslie Kerluke

With the effect of time and gravity the skin can start to lose it’s tone and cause sagging in the inner and outer regions of the thigh. These effects can be exaggerated by weight loss and even a previous liposuction procedure. A thigh lift will help to tighten and reshape the thigh by reducing excess skin, and in some cases fat, resulting in a smoother contour. People that have had excessive weight loss and people with relatively stable weight who cannot achieve a firmer more youthful appearance through fitness and weight loss may be a candidate for a thigh lift plasty.

The incision can vary but commonly is placed in the groin, extending downward and around to the back of the buttock-thigh crease. The underlying tissue is resected, reshaped and tightened then allowing for the outer skin to be reduced and redraped. This procedure can be combined with other procedures like an abdominoplasty and outer thigh/buttocks lift. It usually is done under a general anaesthetic and is performed as day surgery. Patients usually need about 2-3 weeks to recover from this procedure and can return to an active lifestyle by 6 weeks.

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