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Skinceuticals / Non Surgical Skin Care – Vancouver Specialist, Dr Kerluke

SkinCeuticals was founded by a Dermatologist in 1994 and uses research from the top scientists of cellular and molecular biology, chemistry, biophysics and medicine to create the most effective products available on the market. Not only are there visible results as early as 6-8 weeks but results are seen at a cellular level as well. SkinCeuticals was the first company to develop the original topical Vitamin C Serum technology and the first to use scientific evidence to support why using this product is beneficial.The products are made from pharmacy grade ingredients to maintain the highest standard of skin care available. The SkinCeuticals team is constantly striving to promote and improve skin health by researching to further understand the skin aging process and skin conditions. They use the terms Prevent, Correct and Protect to help cater the right skin care regime for you. Feel free to call the office and find out what products would be best suited for your skin care needs.

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