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Nipple Repair – Vancouver, Dr Leslie Kerluke

There are a few abnormalities which can affect the look of a breast and may impact how a woman can feel about her body. Nipples and areola(pigmented area around the nipple) come in all sizes and shapes but don’t always aesthetically match the underlying breast. The nipples may be larger or smaller, longer (or pendunculated) or shorter (with inversion) than desired. Inverted nipples can range from being slightly turned in to severely retracted. The areola may also be larger or smaller than desired. A variety of surgical procedures are available to correct or change the position, shape and size of the nipple. Nipple repair procedures, which are relatively small can be performed usually under local anaesthetic and can help achieve attractive, proportionate breasts with well positioned and appropriate sized nipples.

Areola size can also be a concern for women and impact the appearance of breasts. With Dr. Kerluke’s expertise he can achieve a smaller diameter areola more suitable to women’s aesthetic sense. This procedure would most commonly be under anaesthesia as day surgery . Recovery for either corrective nipple surgery or areolar surgery is about 1-2 weeks of gentle care and protection with anticipated resumption of full activity by 4-6 weeks.

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