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Male Breast Reduction / Gynecomastia – Vancouver, Dr Leslie Kerluke

Though some drugs and medical conditions have been linked with male breast enlargement, there is often no known cause for this condition. Up to 60% of the male population may be affected by gynecomastia and it may affect one or both breasts. Primary gynecomastia usually develops during puberty and secondary gynecomastia develops usually due to obesity, steroid, alcohol or marijuana use. The surgery to correct male breast enlargement removes fat and/or glandular tissue form the breasts and, if necessary, excess skin may also be removed. Liposuction is often performed around the edges of the breast to ensure a smooth, natural-looking final result. An elastic pressure garment is worn for about three weeks to help reduce swelling. Normal daily activities can be resumed in about a week and heavy physical activity will be restricted for a month.

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