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Liposuction Specialist – Vancouver, Dr Leslie Kerluke

Women and men who are not overweight but have isolated areas of fat they cannot get rid of through diet and exercise are good candidates for liposuction. Localized fat is often an inherited trait and liposuction is usually the only way to eliminate it.

Liposuction is effective on many areas of the body:


Abdomen and hips

Thighs, calves and ankles

Under the chin

Liposuction is not effective for cellulite.

Good results will be achieved if your skin has the tone and elasticity necessary to achieve a smooth result following fat suctioning. Fat is removed by first inserting a small tube (a cannula) through tiny incisions close to the area to be suctioned. Either a tumescent technique that introduces large amounts of fluid with local anaesthetic, or an ultrasonic technique will be used. A compression garment will be worn over the area treated for about three weeks so that the tissue can learn its new shape. You can return to work in about one week although there still may be some swelling and bruising.

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